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Should I speed up my weight loss?

You finally did it. You committed to a nutrition program and you can’t wait to be 15 lbs (or more) lighter. You have been at …

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CO2 Monitor- Your Safety

One of the ways we are practicing safety is to ensure proper ventilation using a CO2 Monitor. Here’s how…

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How I lost my fat pants

I was in my mid 40s, getting fatter and feeling worse. What could I do?

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My Most Embarrassing Moment

And how it will help you get started in the gym I had been sailing before. In fact, I had spent an entire summer sailing …

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The #1 Way to Improve your Performance and Body Composition. (It might also be the hardest).

The secret If I were a great copywriter I’d keep you guessing to the end.  But I’m going to lay my cards on the table …

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The Best Diet On The Planet

Our town has a Facebook group that is often obnoxious.  But, still I read it.  Kind of like watching a train wreck…you just can’t turn …

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Vision, Mission, Core Values…and why that matters to you.

Hey CrossFit PTC Family, I had a hard conversation the other morning. To be honest I don’t want to talk about what is going on …

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Saturday WOD

CrossFit PTC – WOD View Public Whiteboard Metcon (AMRAP – Reps) 4 rounds of: 5:00 per round, 2:00 rest between round Run 400m 30 air …

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Friday WOD

CrossFit PTC – WOD View Public Whiteboard Metcon (6 Rounds for reps) Tabata :20 on :10 off for 8 sets of: Rest 1:00 between movements …

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Thursday WOD

CrossFit PTC – WOD View Public Whiteboard Metcon (AMRAP – Reps) For quality and reps of: 5 rounds of: :40 jumping lunges :20 rest :40 …

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