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Patrick- Effective Remote Coaching

The best proof I can offer of the effectiveness of the at-home program is 5 new PRs (Personal Record) over the past few weeks. I have been working out from home for about 3 months now, and I certainly miss the interaction in the CFPTC gym – but the good news is that I am still going strong! At the end of the day, it’s all about the results for me. I don’t mind putting in the work, as long as I can see progress being made. With that said, I honestly didn’t expect anything close to what I have experienced to date (now closing in on 2yrs at CFPTC):

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Matt- Remote Wedding Ready

I had let fitness take a back seat, not because of lack of desire, but from the aches and pains associated with a variety of issues. My knees hurt and my hips were starting to get some arthritis so I had stopped running. …ll I can say is “Wow”. I’m doing things I never thought I would do again and my knee and hip pain is much, much less.

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Jason-Making Healthy Choices

Just a quick thank you for helping start and stay on this journey. I had my physical today and received a clean bill of health. Weight 193.5 and blood pressure of 118/74 – without the assistance of any medicine.

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Miki Collins – I needed help quick!

The end of the nutrition challenge had left me at a standstill. There were no more goals to meet and no one was checking in …

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Cheaper Than Therapy- A CrossFit Transformation Story

Cheaper Than Therapy A Crossfit Transformation Story By: Angie Bryant a reformed athlete “There’s something wrong with me”; I lashed out at my husband.  After …

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Vanessa Kennedy

“I love this place and highly recommend it for everyone regardless of age or level of fitness. Working out here is like working out with family. It’s always full of fun and encouragement; the expert coaches make sure push yourself without hurting yourself. Go ahead…drink the Koolaid!” – Vanessa Kennedy

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Wallis Shoppy

“Great time today with Crossfit PTC friends. Lots of encouragement all around. Coaches and programming are excellent and they are always working to make you better. So glad to be a part of the CF PTC community. Looking forward to 19.3!!”

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3 years ago I joined CFPTC. I was low on energy, I was in fair shape, and I was on a few different medications for anxiety and asthma.
CFPTC has become my second home.

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Mike Brown’s Story

About 3 months before I started at CrossFit PTC I had very low energy and at one point I would get short of breath climbing stairs or playing with my kids. I wasn’t super healthy either I weighed 183 lbs and had 21% Body Fat. To top it off I had been diagnosed with High Blood Pressure and was put on medication. I felt miserable!

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Linda Wright’s Story

I am in better shape than I have been in since my early thirties. I have made countless friends with whom I’ve shared many laughs and much sweat and I’ve enjoyed getting to know all of the amazing coaches!

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