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How I lost my fat pants

Struggle is Real

Another notch in the belt. Another size up in the pants.

This can’t continue.

Those were the words that I was saying to myself.

I was in my early 40s, working as a consultant, happily married with 4 kids, a Marine Reservist, sure I was busy, but I was trying to stay in shape. What was going on?

What was I supposed to do?

I had a membership to a big national gym. Off and on I hit the spin classes. I often rode my bike to work, I was hoping to get back into the Triathlons I had done when I was younger. This stuff should be keeping me fit, right?

What is CrossFit? I’m not interested.

A co-worker in the Marines told me about this CrossFit thing he had been doing and how it had changed his whole perspective on what it meant to be in shape. This caught my interest a little, but to be honest, in the Marine Corps Infantry there is a lunatic fringe that delights in how much punishment your body can take. So, I wasn’t immediately bowled over with excitement. 

You really have to understand the mentality of Marine Infantry Officers.  They kinda delight in physical pain. When you are around some junior officers it’s not uncommon to hear:

A: “Want to get together and run the obstacle course?” 

B: “Yeah, how ’bout we do it with all our gear (helmet, vest, etc)?”

 A: ” That’s a great idea, how ’bout after that we run 3 miles on the Endurance course, with our pack as well”?

B: “Then we could…”

You get the idea.

This is great stuff and I love the Marines for it, but it wasn’t really something in the cards for me at that time. So, at the beginning, I just gave him yeah, yeah, and went on with something else. I was going to do it my way. I could figure it out.

Time passed, and I was hearing more and more about CrossFit through the Marine Corps grapevine. So, I gave it a chance.

I started with the workouts. They were hard and I had to adjust them to my abilities. I liked that I didn’t have to think about what to do. Some people called it a black-box method. Don’t analyze, just do it. So I did. I started seeing changes, and  as I saw these changes in my own life, I realized that this had the potential to change other people’s lives just the same. I became a huge advocate in the Marines and reserves for using CrossFit type methodologies for training.

I entered a second phase of changes when I also began to change some of the ways I ate. I started following a zone method of eating and watching the quality of food trying to avoid processed things. My body fat changed immensely. I was no longer wearing the bigger pants, in fact, the pants sizes started to go down. (Side note…I kept those fat pants for a long, long time).

Everyone should do this

At this point, I really started to believe that this approach to exercise and nutrition could fundamentally change peoples lives. Everyone should have the ability to live an energetic, productive, and healthy life. You shouldn’t have to keep buying bigger pants as you get older. I wanted everyone to try this. 

So, I got trained and started training people in my garage. My wife got involved (another story) and we started a business. We decided that we want to change peoples lives, give them confidence in their bodies and help them to enjoy life, regardless of where they were starting. CrossFit PTC grew from there.

Initially, we only focused on exercise, because that is what people were asking us for. However, we came to realize that the folks who were the most successful and consistent were also working on their nutrition. We started seeking some of the best training available in nutrition. CrossFit provided a great resource to start, but while researching the best available training we found Precision Nutrition. 

Now (12 years later) I am in my 50’s with lower body fat, lower pant size, and a smaller belt loop than I had in my early 40s. When I retired from the Marines last year, I was able to wear uniform trousers that fit me when I came in. More importantly, we have helped hundreds of people find healthy fitness.

So great for me, but what does this mean for you?

It means I have been there. Our Coaches and staff have been there.

We have dealt with busy schedules, health issues, business travel, kid sports, etc. We have been through life and our view on health is habit-based and long term. We have failed at fad diets, we have tried different gimmicks and we have learned through experience. We have coached people online and in-person and seen the same results. We have coached hundreds of folks.  Some have lost more than a 100 lbs, others were focused on gaining strength, competing in a new sport, improving their times in running, swimming, biking and adventure racing, learning to do a handstand, or doing a pull up for the first time. More importantly, we have seen working parents, and grandparents feel better when playing with their kids, hiking with their spouse, and enjoying life.

How much more of life could you accomplish if you were healthier, happier, and had the habits to maintain it? What are your goals?

We can help.

It starts with sitting down in person or on the phone. Together we discuss your goals, and together we create a plan that works for you. Then we help you implement the habits, workouts, and nutrition that will help you reach your goals.

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