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Why I Got a CT Calcium Score and Why You Should Consider One Too

I’m deeply committed to fitness, longevity and health span, both in my personal life and through my work at CrossFit PTC and my Nutrition Coaching business. As a part of my health journey I have recently been exploring something a little different but incredibly important: heart health. Specifically, I want to share my experience with getting a CT Calcium Score and why I think it’s a crucial step in proactive healthcare.

What is a CT Calcium Score?

Before diving into my personal journey, let’s quickly go over what a CT Calcium Score is. This non-invasive test uses a CT scanner to take pictures of your heart’s arteries. The goal is to check for calcified plaque—a sign of coronary artery disease. The test gives you a “score,” which can range from zero (no plaque) to over 400 (high risk of heart attack).

Why Did I Get a Calcium Score?

Family History

Both heart issues and high cholesterol run in my family. While genetics isn’t destiny, it does provide a roadmap that can help you make informed decisions about your health.

Doctor’s Opinion

When I discussed my concerns with my primary care physician, he didn’t seem overly concerned based on my other health metrics. However, I wanted more certainty.

 Seeking a Second Opinion

I decided to consult a cardiologist for a second opinion. With several friends experiencing heart-related issues, I wanted to know exactly where I stood. Was that soreness in my left shoulder from lifting weights, too many burpees, or was it something more sinister?

A Proactive Approach to Health

I believe that current medical practice leans more towards being reactive rather than preventative. I didn’t want to wait for a problem to arise; I wanted to know what I could do now to improve my odds later.  I also wanted a baseline to compare against.

Comprehensive Health Monitoring

I regularly get bloodwork done that goes beyond what my doctor orders, using InsideTracker. I wore a continuous glucose monitor for 6 months, and a whoop strap for a few years. I want to understand my risks fully and take any prudent actions related to exercise, nutrition, sleep, and more.

 My Results

The test was an out of pocket $90 at Piedmont Newnan (same at Fayette), and the procedure itself is less than 10 minutes. I honestly spent more time checking in than I did in the machine. Super easy.

I got the results in a day and I‘m thrilled to report that my CT Calcium Score came back as zero, indicating a lower risk of heart issues. While this doesn’t mean I can slack off on my health habits, it does provide a reassuring baseline. I

Why You Should Consider Getting a CT Calcium Score

Peace of Mind

Knowing your score can provide immense peace of mind or give you the kick you need to make lifestyle changes.

Continuation of Healthy Habits

A good score doesn’t mean you can abandon your healthy habits. Exercise, balanced nutrition, and stress management should always be part of your routine.

Early Detection

If your score is on the higher end, early detection can be a lifesaver—literally. It allows you to take immediate action, which could include medication, lifestyle changes, or further testing.

Bottom Line

Your health is your most valuable asset. A CT Calcium Score is just another tool in your arsenal to protect it. I strongly recommend discussing this test with your healthcare provider, especially if you have risk factors like a family history of heart issues or high cholesterol.

Remember, the goal is not just to live longer but to live healthier and happier. 

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