Mike Brown’s Story

About 3 months before I started at CrossFit PTC I had very low energy and at one point I would get short of breath climbing stairs or playing with my kids. I wasn’t super healthy either I weighed 183 lbs and had 21% Body Fat. To top it off I had been diagnosed with High Blood Pressure and was put on medication. I felt miserable!

I hired a Semi-Personal Trainer who started me on my fitness journey. I had never so much as set foot in a gym or participated in any type of organized fitness program before that…ever. Through the trainer I had become more active and lost a significant amount of weight but I wanted to get stronger. I began searching for a fitness program that would fit my goals. A coworker would often share how CrossFit had helped him become fitter and stronger than he had ever been so naturally I began researching local boxes. I hesitated to take that first step into the gym. It was really a lack of confidence. I took the leap and with the help of our CrossFit PTC community who welcomed people of all fitness levels and encouraged you to keep getting better I began the journey toward my goals. Ric instantly made me feel welcome and confident during my assessment and all the coaches do a really great job integrating you in the community and scaling movements to your abilities.

I have now been a member of CrossFit PTC for 2 years. I am the fittest I have ever been and am highly motivated to sustain my fitness and nutrition. My current weight is 170lbs and I now have 10.6% body fat. I have been off BP meds for 18 months! It is great to be surrounded by likeminded people and be with them every day, I really enjoy our group! I can perform movements today that seemed impossible just 12 months ago; Pistols, HSPU, BMU’s and RMU’s and am currently working towards Handstand Walking…


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