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Patrick- Effective Remote Coaching

Why did you start CFPTC? 

A golfing buddy of mine had joined a CF gym in Michigan and kept on talking about it to me. I initially didn’t pay much attention to it and relied on my 1x/week home workout session to maintain some basic level of physical activity. Upon traveling to GA for a work-related assignment, I drove by CFPTC. Given that I was away from home during the week anyway, I figured I’d give CF a try after work (i.e. I started going to evening sessions…and never looked back).

What did you find?

  • Very friendly and personable Coaches, who know you on a first name basis and have your best interest at heart
  • A clear intent to protect you from injuries and avoid letting your ego get in the way. Coaches know what is safe for you to take on, without making it easy on you – knowing where to draw that line is invaluable 
  • The assurance that any workout can be adapted to you personally to overcome any unique limitations (whether that would be lack of strength, poor flexibility, novice technical ability, etc.)
  • A data-driven approach, where you log in your workout results online and are able to compare yourself against past performances and against other members (if that is motivating to you). Not only does this provide you with a baseline for future reference, it allows to trend your results over time and it will be undeniable proof of the progress you make
  • Nutrition-supported coaching
  • A community of great members who can help you in every way you can imagine – they can assist you with the workout, push you to perform better, support and encourage you, and so on – it’s a place where you can meet/make new friends!

How did you get involved with Remote Coaching?

Enter COVID-19, and all the negative repercussions associated with the pandemic. The CFPTC gym had to close and needed to get creative in finding ways for members continuing their workouts. In my particular case, I was lucky enough to have some gym equipment at home (note: CFPTC actually rented out its own equipment to members that didn’t have their own) and I continued the workouts through CFPTC’s Remote Coaching Program. Whether supported via Zoom (live, on-line classes), or prescribed via an App, I was able to stay in close contact with my assigned Coach and didn’t skip a beat! Although it is always more motivating to work out in the CFPTC gym side-by-side with other members, and it isn’t always easy to find the motivation at home, the CFPTC Coaches did/are doing a very nice job in keeping me going. The best proof I can offer of the effectiveness of the at-home program is 5 new PRs (Personal Record) over the past few weeks. I have been working out from home for about 3 months now, and I certainly miss the interaction in the CFPTC gym – but the good news is that I am still going strong! At the end of the day, it’s all about the results for me. I don’t mind putting in the work, as long as I can see progress being made. With that said, I honestly didn’t expect anything close to what I have experienced to date (now closing in on 2yrs at CFPTC):


Even by objective measures (e.g. BMI), I was never overweight. With that said, over the last 2 years, my percent body fat dropped from 17.6% to 11.8%. So without really trying to lose any weight (i.e. this was not an objective), I lost 11.3 lbs of body fat – pretty amazing stuff! Over that same time period, I also added several lbs of muscle mass. Even though this was great by itself, the true measure of success for me was how much stronger I had become since I first started CFPTC.

Metabolic conditioning:

  • After 2 years, I was able to complete a baseline fitness test (which CFPTC had me perform when I joined) in almost half the time – i.e. I was nearly twice as fast! (note: the test includes rowing, air squats, push ups, sit ups and pull ups). This was clear evidence that my metabolic conditioning had improved significantly
  • Another great example was the “Murph” workout that is traditionally done around Memorial Day. CFPTC showed me how to divide the workout (1 mile run; 100 pull-ups; 200 push-ups; 300 air squats; 1 mile run) into manageable pieces and I completed it within the set time constraint (1hr max) during my first year at CPTC. The following year, I completed the same workout wearing a 20lb weighted vest, another clear demonstration of the progress I had made

Weight Lifting:

  • Lower body exercises (e.g. back squat) progressed to where my maximum squat is now at 150% of what it was at the start
  • Upper body exercises (e.g. push press) weight is at 130% vs. when I started
  • Full body exercises (e.g. dead-lift) load has reached 140% of my initial “1 rep max”

Positive “side effects”:

  • I feel / look fitter and stronger now than when I was 25 years old (which I certainly didn’t expect at this stage in my life)
  • It’s nice to have this new “healthy addiction” – CF is just that, and CFPTC has been a great place to set new milestones
  • I actually look forward to the CFPTC workouts! Whereas before, working out (even just 1x/week) was more of a “have to”, now this has progressed to multiple workouts per week and a strong feeling of “want to”

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