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Miki Collins – I needed help quick!

The end of the nutrition challenge had left me at a standstill. There were no more goals to meet and no one was checking in on me. I would have to do this on my own, and I foresaw those 9 pounds coming back, bringing along some unwanted friends. I needed help and quick. Thankfully, my gym offered nutrition coaching, and my awesome coach and challenge teammate, Andrea, was there for me.  She got me back on track, gave me tips, motivated me, and praised me.  She helped me adjust so that I would continue to make progress while keeping myself and my taste buds happy.  It has been over 12 weeks since I started the challenge, and I am down 21 pounds and counting.  I feel so much better, and my energy levels continue to increase.  When I get off work, I go work out and crush it!  I did not realize how much my food choices were affecting me until going through this experience, and now that I know, it is easier to turn down that cake and make healthier choices.  I still have a long road ahead before I reach my goal and am confident that I will get there.  I am so grateful for Andrea and the other coaches at CrossFit PTC.  I could not have achieved success through this journey without their support.” – Miki Collins⁠


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