Why is it so hard to get started?


The hardest part of fitness is getting started.   

We ask the questions of ourselves:  Where do I go? What is the right workout and nutrition plan for me?  What if I don’t know what to do? Will I stick out? Will I be embarrassed?  What if this doesn’t work for me?

The answer to getting started is that you need some momentum.  Let me explain.

My first year in college I was staying at my grandmother’s house and we had a car that really needed a new battery.  Thankfully it was a stick shift and we had a little bit of a hill so we could “pop-start” it.

Quick aside:  If you have never pop started a car, it is where you put it in first gear, but hold in the clutch until you build up some speed.  When the car has enough speed you let go of the clutch and POP! The momentum of the car causes the engine to start.

The problem with the Pop Start method is that you have to get the car moving…. Like I said, fortunately we had a bit of a hill at my Grandmother’s house, but I still had to open the door, push the car (in neutral), jump in the moving car, put it in gear and pop the clutch!  A bit of work, but do able.

One day I parked at school, but couldn’t get the car to start….I had to get a couple of friends to push the car to build up enough momentum.  It must have looked funny with 3 college kids pushing a car and one yelling at them to go faster, but after we got up enough speed, POP! The the car was off and running and I could drive us all home.  All I needed was the push of my friends.

When you need to get started the push of a good coach, the push of friends, the push of loved ones can all make the difference.  It is amazing how powerful this can be. Sometimes you won’t come in to the gym for yourself, but you will because you have friends that you don’t want to let down knowing that they also depend on the combined push. Honestly that is one of the things that has made our program so successful over the last almost 10 years.  We know how to help get folks started and keep them moving forward.

Sometimes we need the push.   

If your fitness car needs to get pop started, we are here to help.  

We help first by providing a FREE consultation where we can help you draw a road map to your goals and figure out the best way to get started.  We have met with thousands of folks for free, many get started with us, either in person or remotely, but others get going in a different manner. In fact, we work closely with a large number of other fitness and health professionals.  If we can’t help you, we will point you to someone that can.

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