CrossFit PTC – WOD

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Power Snatch (Work up to 1rm for the day )

Those comfortable with the power snatch should work to a 1rm for the day with perfect form.

Beginners practice technique. Go from the hang if needed and do not worry about the weight/ rep scheme.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

12 Minute AMRAP of:

10m right arm overhead walking lunges 35/20#

10 alternating dumbbell snatches 35/20#

10m left arm overhead walking lunges 35/20#

10 single arm dumbbell thrusters (5 each arm) 35/20#

RX+ 50/35#

RX Masters 55+ 25/12#

Score = total rounds plus any extra reps

10m lunge counts as 1 rep