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Wandering around the gym, and big pants

I was 40 and my pants were the biggest they had ever been.  How could this be?

I was doing the things that should have kept my waist size down.  I was riding my bike to work, running, and hitting the local big box gym pretty regularly.  So WTH????

So, I thought I was kind of a gym rat….I had been in and out of the gym all my life.  I was a MARINE so I had to know what to do. But, here’s what would happen. I would go into the gym, with some kind of a plan, ok it was not really a plan…Perhaps back and biceps, chest and triceps….but, it would depend.  Is that equipment open? Did that dude standing there with a towel on the machine really want to use it? In the end, it was wander from equipment to equipment or machine to machine to find something that was open (and I wanted to do).  It was extremely haphazard then if nothing else…jump on the treadmill. It really wasn’t working for me, but my rates were low. 

A friend of mine who was still active duty in the Marines told me about this thing called CrossFit.  We did a few of the workouts together and I was hooked. He helped me find the resources to get going, and I had a plan. I started to see some great results.  My wife, family and friends started to notice. When I started adding in a good nutrition program to my workouts I saw even faster results. Now, almost 12 years later my waist and pants are the same as I was wearing in college.  

You may be like me. If you find yourself wandering around the gym and not really making any progress you need to get a coach. A coach will help you form a plan that gets to the results that you want to achieve. In the last 10 years, CrossFit PTC has coached hundreds of busy people helping them find success through intelligent exercise, sensible nutrition, and personalized accountability.  We can help you. You don’t need to wander around a big box gym, not getting results.

To get results follow these 3 steps:

  1. Schedule a free fitness consultation with one of our professional, certified coaches.  HERE 
  2. Create a customized exercise, nutrition and accountability plan just for you.
  3. Get great results.

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