CrossFit PTC – WOD

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Metcon (2 Rounds for reps)

Partner WOD

“Meat & Potatoes”

“Meat” EMOM 12

Min 1: 10 Deadlifts (95/65)*

5 Hang Power Cleans


Min 2: Rest

Rest 1 Min

“Potatoes” EMOM 12

Min 1: Rest

Min 2: 10 Sit-ups

8 Slam Balls (20/15)

Max AB Calories

Rx= = (135/85); 15 Sit-ups and 10 Slam Balls

Masters Rx = (75/55);(15/10 SB)

*Dumbbells can be substituted for barbell

Partner A will start on the Meat EMOM while Partner 2 will start on Potatoes EMOM. Partner A will complete assigned work within the minute while Partner B will start their assigned work on minute 2. After 6 rounds, partners will have one minute to switch EMOMs. Score is team AB calories and STOH.