CrossFit PTC – WOD

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Metcon (Time)

“Ring of Fire”

EMOM for 15 Minutes (3 Rounds)


D-Ball OTS

Flutter Kicks

Parallette Pass-throughs

Battle Ropes

Rest 5 minutes, then…

“Swing for the Fences”

EMOM until 200/170 Row Calories Reached

A: Max Calorie Row

B: 15 Russian KBS (53/35)

Rx+= 250/210 Cal; (70/44)

Coed = 185 Rx; 230 Rx+
Partner A will row for max calories for one minute while Partner B has one minute to complete 15 KBS. Partners will switch after every minute until a total of 200/170 is reached as a team. Score is total time, however every time the 15 KBS aren’t completed within the minute, a 15 sec penalty will be added.