CrossFit PTC coaches are also available for expert personalized service, on your timetable.

While we love the energy and excitement of a group class sometimes individual fitness and strength needs are different from the needs of the group.

WHY PRIVATE TRAINING? Perhaps some of these reasons sound like you. 

  • New to fitness training and want an additional level of confidence
  • Sport-specific training
  • Form improvement and Skill work
  • Significant movement restrictions oCustomized mobility programming
  • Nutrition consulting
  • Unique schedule – (performance industry, executive, etc)
  • Individualized programming – programming to the needs of your competition schedule
  • Desire for hybrid training – You like group classes, but want to do something else some of the time, i.e. with open gym time (Work with a coach, develop program, some private coaching, some open gym)
  • Distance coaching programs (video assessment, custom programming)
  • Achieve that skill you have been working on: examples (pull up, hand stand, hand stand push up, muscle up, Olympic lifts).