No Days Off


“But Coach….”  


“What the heck do you mean no days off?  I am sore, I have been hitting it hard for 3 days in a row…”


How can I get better if I don’t take a day off?


I first heard about this concept from Kelly Starret in 2010.  Kelly (a physiotherapist/ DPT) put out a video and said that you can do something else, but there are no days off. 


No days off means you can take a rest day, but you need to have a plan to do something. 


I mean that….there are NO DAYS OFF.  You are now in training!


On the days that you are resting you can:


  • Work on mobility 15 min (you are doing 10 min a day anyway, right?)
  • Work on a weakness (double-unders?)
  • Do some non-exercise activity (Walk, Hike, Water Ski, Swim, surf, ski, bike the trails, etc)
  • Spend some time outside with family and friends.


Activity and Mobility are keys to longevity, physical and mental health.  


No days off means that your ‘rest days’- are productive and are helpful in getting you ready to train.


Say it with me.  



What are you going to do with your next “Rest Day”?


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