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Karen Sagon’s Story

Hello, my name is Karen Sagon and I am addicted to Shred at CrossFit PTC, lol. The statement is true and here is my story. I have always been active and playing sports is part of who I am. At the age of 50, I had a major 3 hour rotator cuff surgery to repair three severed and retracted tendons. After my surgery, it was my commitment to get in good physical shape. I did not want to be that 50 year old person who had a hard time getting up, complained about aching knees, and spent the last part of life inactive and unhappy. After a strong rehabilitation program and stem cell therapy at Ageless Wellness Center, my journey with CrossFit PTC began with their Fit 4 Life program. I was able to talk a couple of friends into starting the “healthy journey” with me. It was slow progress in the beginning but I wouldn’t change it for anything. After the first bootcamp, we joined up for the another round because we certainly did not want to lose the progress we had gained. After the 2nd bootcamp, I joined the CrossFit PTC Shred class, which is where I go 3-4 days a week now. It’s the perfect class for me because of my surgery I am limited to full body pulls and ring dips. The instructors are so wonderful to find alternative exercises for those who need it. Joining CrossFit PTC has been one of my most important and life changing decisions. I have not only gained muscles and lost weight, but I have gained life long friends I now feel like are family…Linda Wright, Tina Bullard, and instructors Jen Nicosia and Andrea Bauer and so many more I should add to the list. My advice to those who are thinking about joining: Allow yourself to be a beginner, no one starts at the top and time will fly. I cannot believe it’s been 2 years for me. I am 40lbs lighter, so much stronger, and I continue every day to improve. Thank you CrossFit PTC family. I can’t wait to see what the future holds!


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