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It only takes one minute.

How does one minute ruin your health?

I just listened to a podcast where a writer was talking about getting up at 4:30, going to his special writing space, and then just writing one sentence a day before sitting back and enjoying his cup of coffee.

That’s it.

Just one sentence.

He wanted to create a positive reinforcement of accomplishing the task in order to create a habit.  Sure, after some time this one sentence might transform into a paragraph, then perhaps a chapter. The length of time was not the key, the experience was.

I have seen the opposite happen. 

Someone was a regular in the gym, and then something happened to break their habit. Perhaps an illness, travel, family emergency, the list is long.  The key is that the positive vibe of friends in the gym, the feeling of finishing the workout, the feelings of the endorphins or ringing the PR bell were all kind of forgotten. 

One day turned into a week.

That week turned into 6

Then they dropped, not just from CrossFit PTC, but from exercise.  The brain is a funny taskmaster. A slow reversal of all of their accomplishments ensued:  unwanted weight gain, lack of energy, a steady downhill movement.

Things come up, life changes, you still need to be in control of your health and physical well being.  How do you do that? The same way the writer did. You commit to one little thing. Just come to the gym.  Don’t worry about anything else…heck do the warm-up and go home. Get a win in. Feel good. Do the workout at half speed/weight/time and feel good about it.  Do that for 2-4 weeks and you are back.  

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Lao Tzu

A detour on your journey is overcome with the same small step – Ric


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