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Get another hour in my day-workout edition

Have you ever said, “I need another hour in my day”?  

Let’s look at a way to add some time back to your schedule using exercise.


Work effectively and efficiently

One of the keys to effective time management is to actually be productive in the time you have.  Science has shown time and time again that exercise and particularly exercise before work, makes you able to learn and concentrate better, in essence, to be more effective.  Dr. John Ratey in his book “Spark” details in multiple ways how exercise increases learning and effectiveness.  In one study students that exercised before school saw a 17% increase in test scores.  Additional studies on healthy adults showed increased recall and increased cognitive abilities. It might not be the limitless drug, but consistent exercise is one way to increase your output and creativity.  The science is clear, exercise not only leads to a better body but also a better brain. In fact, Dr. Ratey calls exercise “Miracle Grow” for the brain. 

Time efficiency

Now that we know that exercise is going to add time by being cognitively “on”.  How can we exercise in a time-efficient manner? You could steal some workouts from Men’s Health or Muscle and Fitness, you can google “Time efficient workouts”, or you can just strap on your biking kit and head out.  However, chances are the time you spend preparing is not going to add time back to your schedule. The alternative is to have a session that is programmed specifically for you and your goal.  A session that is time-efficient, designed to utilize the time you have scheduled, where the equipment is appropriate and available, the atmosphere conducive to working out, and a coach is there to make sure you are doing everything correctly. All you need to do is to show up, do the work in the time allotted, and then go on with your life.

Schedule it

Working effectively and having a time-efficient workout all sound great, but the last part is scheduling. We schedule time for the important things.  If you are going to work out on your own you need to make a date with yourself. Put it in your calendar/ Outlook or Gmail. However, for some people -like me- this is tough.  If I am going to go to the gym “on my way home” or “before work” (Thanks Dr Ratey) I may never make it. Things in my calendar get in the way, I may have a hard time getting out the door, or I really need that extra cup of coffee. However, if I have an appointment with someone….I seem to make it on time. What this means is, if I have a scheduled appointment with my trainer at 06:30 I will ensure I am there.  If I have a group class at 5:30pm I will leave work on time to make it there. The side benefit is that if my session has a defined end I am not tempted to do “just a bit more”. It is ok for me to move on to the next thing in the schedule.

The big take away or the TL/DR

While you can’t physically add time to the day, you can increase your cognitive and creative performance through effectively scheduled, efficiently executed, expertly coached exercise.

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