Coach, How can I do better on metcons?

Hey family, starting a new gig.  Answering some questions in a quick/blog style format.  My goal will be to at least once a week put out an answer (or at least my answer) to a question I hear a lot from folks.  If you want your question addressed…ask me.


First question that I hear a lot is about performance on longer workouts, or even shorter ones where someone feels like they get smoked too easily.


This one has a rather simple answer, that you (and I) probably don’t want to hear.  One word.



Yep, absent an injury, if you want to get a better motor you should start running.  I am talking about working up to a 3-5 mile run. Run on your recovery days, or days on the road, or days you can’t make it in to the gym.  If you are one of the chronic over trainers (you know who you are)…then add a recovery run, after the WOD and after you have cooled down a bit.  Work to get this into the 2-3 mile category (an additional 15-25 minutes, but hey you are already over training, right?)


Can you do better with sprints?  Yes.

Can you do better with working on the assault bike?  Yes.


However, one of the easiest and biggest returns will be spending a couple to a few days just enjoying the outside and running.  It will help you recover. It will help your mind because you aren’t competing with anyone, and it will help your performance on those long workouts because you are building the aerobic engine.


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