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Christina Martin’s Story

Before I came to Crossfit PTC I wasn’t doing ANYTHING. I had lost some weight in college but then put it back on yet again. I was feeling unmotivated and defeated. Working out for an hour at a 24 hour gym every day just wasn’t doing anything for me. I was borderline pre-diabetic. I wasn’t happy. Then one day a friend told me to try Fit 4 Life Challenge Peachtree City. I decided to give it a shot. It was HARD. I had never done anything like that before in my life. I had never been that sore. The obstacles I faced were my own mentality. I had to remember mind over matter. I faced these obstacles by winning biggest transformation in my first challenge and decided to keep going. I decided to run a half marathon and that was biggest obstacle so far. I remembered during my training and my race in the words of Coach Andrea “Mind over Matter.” I have been an active member of Crossfit PTC for 2 years now. I did the Fit 4 Life Challenge in 2014 for 4 months and then took a leave absence due to an injury to my foot from running. Now I am feeling amazing. I am no longer borderline pre-diabetic. I can run well. I have great blood pressure. I still have a long way to go but I have hit some major milestones. I was in the 100s for quite a while. My weight has fluctuated here and there but I am determined to reach the ultimate goal weight and health goal. Who knows, maybe I will run a full marathon one day. I am looking forward to one day… and not any time soon… being confident to wear a wedding dress. It has been a fear of mine since watching my younger sister get married to wear one of those dresses. I know I will be satisfied with my weight when I am able to comfortably wear a wedding dress and feel beautiful.

Attached is a favorite picture of me at my lowest weight right before my sister’s wedding and the picture next to it was just 6 months prior with no confidence at all. Just in 6 months I saw this type of transformation and now it is a journey.


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