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Chase Your Goals, not Rabbits

At CrossFit PTC, our coaches want to talk to you every 3-4 months. One on one, in person. We want to put you on the InBody; ask about your goals; review your progress; and then give you the best possible prescription.

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Stuck in a Rut?

Sooo…you feel a little blah, perhaps stuckIt happens, we all hit a plateau once and awhile.  Or, for some reason you missed a week or two and you feel like you are going backwards…

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The impossible and the whiteboard.

Have you ever thought something was impossible?  Have you ever looked at a workout and said “No Way” or that will take more than (XX:00 time)?  Have you ever wondered if it was possible to do some movement y times unbroken?

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I am not seeing the results (as fast as I want)

Hey Coach,   I am not seeing the results (as fast as I want)-I can tell you a simple way to feel more healthy, and perform better.  It is really no secret, and there are some times when it is a bit more complicated, but most of the time it is pretty simple, although not easy.

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Coach, How can I do better on metcons?

Hey family, starting a new gig.  Answering some questions in a quick/blog style format.  My goal will be to at least once a week put out an answer (or at least my answer) to a question I hear a lot from folks.  If you want your question addressed…ask me.

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