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Chase Your Goals, not Rabbits

At CrossFit PTC, our coaches want to talk to you every 3-4 months. One on one, in person. We want to put you on the InBody; ask about your goals; review your progress; and then give you the best possible prescription.

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Why is it so hard to get started?

The hardest part of fitness is getting started.
We ask the questions of ourselves: Where do I go? What is the right workout and nutrition plan for me? What if I don’t know what to do? Will I stick out? Will I be embarrassed? What if this doesn’t work for me?

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Lack of Focus Holding You Back?

I don’t know about you, but I can often identify with Dory, the famously forgetful fish in “Finding Nemo” and “Finding Dory.”  I try to focus, get distracted and spend a lot of time not doing the things I want to get accomplished. Like Dory, I swim around in a circle, and wow there’s the castle again.

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Why we practice #BrightSpotsFriday

When is the last time someone put your artwork on the refrigerator?  Do you remember how good it felt to have Mom or Dad put something that we did/or achieved on the refrigerator (or mantle, wall or their desk)?  Unbeknownst to you it triggered a little hit of dopamine and encouraged you to try to do it again.

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The industrial economy is over. For many reasons that is a good thing. Heavy industry is a big polluter. Heavy industry relies on humans behaving like cogs in a wheel. Heavy industry suppresses the earning potential of the workforce. But heavy industry also provided good jobs, with health benefits and a way to stop working at age 65. As industrial jobs disappear, so do the securities they carried.

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The impossible and the whiteboard.

Have you ever thought something was impossible?  Have you ever looked at a workout and said “No Way” or that will take more than (XX:00 time)?  Have you ever wondered if it was possible to do some movement y times unbroken?

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The many colors of open gym

One of my daughters plays the piano…I know I said open gym, just hang with me.  Anyway, one of my daughters plays the piano. I enjoy hearing her play. That wasn’t (and still sometimes isn’t) always the case.  It seems that playing the piano takes practice. It is a skill that is honed through repetition.

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