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Brenda Miller’s Story

I came to CrossFit PTC in January 2015. I signed up for 6 weeks of Fit 4 Life, and thought, “I am way outside my comfort zone!!!” I had been a member of gyms in the past but could never stay consistent or motivated to keep going. I knew I needed to make a change though. My lifestyle had gotten out of control, and was affecting my weight, sleep, and I was irritable most of the time! So, I joined Fit 4 Life with a dear friend that kept me accountable to keep coming 3 days a week. I was shocked at how poor my fitness had become but was so supported by the coaches that this was a beginning point. This was the start of a new journey for me!

Fast forward 6 weeks, I had dropped pounds and inches, and my fitness test had improved immensely! While I wasn’t ready for full on CrossFit classes, I decided to do Fit 4 Life again! It was so fun the second time around. I could see myself in the new recruits and wanted to encourage them, that they too could make huge improvements!

I moved into CrossFit Spring of 2015 and haven’t looked back! There was a definite learning curve for me. I had never lifted weight with a barbell before, and not even in Elementary School gym class could I do a pull up!!! So, I had some work to do. Each class was scaled to my ability, and I was always encouraged to push harder than I thought I could! Steady gains through 2016, and I was hooked! Finally, I had found something that I could stay committed to. My friend was still there by my side, encouraging me every step of the way and we were now working out 4-5 times a week!

2017 started out with a severely sprained ankle, unrelated to CrossFit! Out walking the dogs, I fell off the car path and twisted my ankle! My coaches helped modify most workouts, and even at times made sure I eliminated some movements that would delay the healing process. In the past a sprained ankle would have been a good excuse to skip going to the gym, but I’m proud to stay I stuck through it! It definitely was not an easy year, but I’m all healed and back on track!

2018 I am focusing on nutrition, I have played the Game Changer Nutrition Challenge several times at the gym, but this year I am focusing again on consistency!! I have my workouts down, now I need to consistently get my nutrition headed in the right direction! I have several reasons, mostly I just want to stay healthy for my four children, and eventually grandchildren. I am learning so much about how food can be our medicine, and how I can fuel my body with good healthy foods. Currently I am part of “The Transformation Machine” It’s a group of folks that are learning how to follow an eating lifestyle while counting macro nutrients. I’m down 12 lbs in 3 months, several inches, and more than 3% body fat. Even my yearly blood work has improved. Total cholesterol down 18 points! LDL down 13 points! Healthy diet and exercise does work!!

Happy to say, even the elusive Pull Up is now on my resume!! Don’t get me wrong, it still needs some work, but I’ve got some great coaches interested in my goals! They are always willing to help with forward progress! I can’t say enough great things about how far I have come. It has absolutely changed my life for the better!


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