Most people come through our doors looking to “lose weight and get toned.” The problem is that losing weight is a very ambiguous goal to set and consequently stick to.

What Does It Do?
Gives very accurate measures of body composition. From body fat, to lean body mass, dry lean mass (muscle tissue), and total body water.  It measures quickly and non-invasively in under 1 minute, and is accurate within over 98% of the DEXA, the gold-standard in body composition analysis. We’ll spend time with you going over the results sheet, explaining what everything means and how to interpret at the data.

Why Measure?
Simple. To see if what you’re doing is working. We now have the means to go beyond feeling better, looking better, clothes fitting better, more energy, and even body weight and girth measurements. The Inbody scale gives meaningful accurate data that goes body composition. Segmental analysis can be helpful in spotting imbalances in the body that could lead to injury. And finally we can determine precisely your basal metabolic rate which is a great starting point for adjusting nutrition to either gain or lose weight.

What is the cost?

Non-members initial scan and consultation $60

Special pricing for Gym and Nutrition/lifestyle coaching clients.