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CrossFit PTC is a school of elite fitness that will transform you with an old school menu of sweat, hard work, muscle soreness, camaraderie, community, results and fun. Yes, fun.

So….how do you get stared with CrossFit PTC?

  • Schedule a free visit (call/email/text/fill out our form/smoke signal)  We want to spend time with you in person!  You are unique.
  • When you come in, your awesome CrossFit PTC coach will sit down with you, discuss your goals and desires, talk about where you are now, answer any questions that you may have, and discuss how CrossFit can be a part of your journey.  Your coach will show you around the gym, introduce you to a few of the movements and then coach you through a free introductory CrossFit workout.  When your workout is complete your coach will discuss our schedule and the different options, programs or training approach that would best fit your needs.
    • If you have been CrossFitting on your own, that is awesome!  Some of us have been that route and realized how helpful it is to work with a coach and hit the workout with a group.  Contact us for a free introductory workout and get you into the right class.
    • If you already have a background in CrossFit at another CrossFit affiliate, please call or email and we will have you drop in (on us).  Show up a few minutes early to fill out the waiver and after you meet your cool classmates and get your workout on, we can talk about membership options.

Take the first step to changing your fitness forever!

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