Barbell Club

Do you want to be stronger, more powerful? Looking to get better at Olympic lifting?

The PTC Barbell Club may be for you!

This program is designed for those wishing to improve their performance in the snatch and clean and jerk, the Barbell Club delivers a consistent strength program that teaches athletes to apply maximum force through proper technique.

Why Olympic lifting?

Olympic lifters are pound for pound some of the strongest athletes in the world!

Learning to apply maximum force quickly and efficiently pays huge dividends in your overall CrossFit performance. In fact, the snatch, clean & jerk and ground to overhead usually make up a large portion of the CrossFit Games workouts. And don’t worry about conditioning! The Barbell Club includes a WOD that combines elements of general CrossFit, CrossFit Football, Juggernaut and Outlaw programming that demands maximum output in a short amount of time.