Ready for a new challenge? Our workouts are constantly varied and designed to make you stronger, fitter and healthier. Don’t think you’re ready? Don’t worry! All movements can be scaled to your skill level.

Youth Programs

Want to build a solid foundation of fitness with your kids? We offer classes for CrossFit Kids (5-10) and CrossFit Varsity (11-14yrs). Want to give your kids a competitive edge? We also offer a sports prep program for individuals and teams.


Our Nutrition Program was created by a Registered Dietitian and combines behavioral change with achievement to create habits that will last a LIFETIME. No shakes, no short-term.

Fit 4 Life Challenge

Ready to get started?  Want to get off of the treadmill and get results?  The Fit4Life Challenge is a fun 6 week, body transformation challenge.  Personalized coaching, meal plans, goal reviews, and much more, guaranteed!

Private Training

CrossFit PTC coaches are also available for expert personalized service, on your timetable. While we love the energy and excitement of a group class sometimes individual fitness and strength needs are different from the needs of the group.