Mike Brown’s Story

About 3 months before I started at CrossFit PTC I had very low energy and at one point I would get short of breath climbing stairs or playing with my kids. I wasn’t super healthy either I weighed 183 lbs… Read more »

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Linda Wright’s Story

Recently, I was spending time with my 5 year old grandson and we were talking about exercising and being healthy. He asked me if I ever exercised. When I told him that I go to the gym and run, do… Read more »

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Karen Sagon’s Story

Hello, my name is Karen Sagon and I am addicted to Shred at CrossFit PTC, lol. The statement is true and here is my story. I have always been active and playing sports is part of who I am. At… Read more »

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Clint Van Hoy’s Story

I had been joining and quitting local gyms for at least 10 years. I would do better when there was some type of program where I received some instruction and coaching. Those programs never lasted very long and I would… Read more »

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Christina Martin’s Story

Before I came to Crossfit PTC I wasn’t doing ANYTHING. I had lost some weight in college but then put it back on yet again. I was feeling unmotivated and defeated. Working out for an hour at a 24 hour… Read more »

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Brenda Miller’s Story

I came to CrossFit PTC in January 2015. I signed up for 6 weeks of Fit 4 Life, and thought, “I am way outside my comfort zone!!!” I had been a member of gyms in the past but could never… Read more »

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Memorial Day Murph 2017

Event Details: When: Saturday, May 25th Where: CrossFit PTC Heat Times: 6:00am, 7:15am, 8:30am, 9:15am $35 entry fee – Net proceeds going to 3 Local Vet causes (Non-profit). Signup to Participate » Get friends to sponsor you.  Hold a contest to see… Read more »

Note from Russ

Thanks for the coaching and friendship. You have created a wonderful community at CFPTC. I always felt supported and welcomed. You guys were the best part of my time in Georgia, and if there is ever anything I can do for… Read more »