About Us

CrossFit PTC is different!

CrossFit PTC is the FUN Gym in Peachtree City.  Quite simply it is the best body re-composition program on the planet.  Results are achieved through a mix of high intensity workouts and sensible diet.  We offer group classes and personal training.  Our staff of well-trained coaches focus on teaching proper technique and movement first in a fun, yet challenging, environment.  Here, we believe everyone is an athlete regardless of age, experience or background.  Workouts are scaled to your individual ability.  At CrossFit PTC, we believe you should judge a program by its effectiveness, efficiency and safety.  After more than nine years of changing lives, we will stack our record in all three areas against any one in the area.  Weather you are training for a Marathon, Obstacle race, Sport, or just the sport of life.  You will achieve your goals in a safe and effective manner.

CrossFit PTC is a community!

At CrossFit PTC, we believe that creating a sense of community leads to better overall fitness and health.  Therefore, we cheer and encourage one another during workouts while competing against ourselves.  We believe camaraderie, competition, and fun of sport yields an intensity level unparalleled by other fitness programs.  And science has shown that intensity = results.

CrossFit PTC is for you, if you want to change your life!

Our programming is designed for all ages and abilities.  Whether you are interested in CrossFit Kids, personal coaching, beginner or advanced skill sessions, our coaches will customize a program for you.  If you commit and attend class regularly, you will see unmatched results, regardless of age, experience or current level of physical fitness.  Check out our Success Stories to read stories of amazing transformations.  From losing 100+ pounds, moving from middle of the pack to the podium in running, triathlons and a host of other sports.  Enroll and you too can change your life.