Saturday Partner WOD

CrossFit PTC – WOD

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100m Row (Time)

100m Row
Row sprints.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

“The Walking Dead”

Teams of 3-4


15 DB Push Press (35/20)

10 Front Rack DB Lunge

6/4 Calorie Assault Bike

Max DB Deadlift (50/35)

Rx+= (50/35); (75/50)

Teams of 2-4 with each partner starting at a different station. Partners will cycle through the AMRAP with someone always completing DB deadlifts. Score is total team deadlift reps.

Metcon (Time)

Cash Out

“AB 240”

60 Flutter Kicks (1L+1R=1)

60 Reverse Crunches

60 Bicycle Crunches

60 Situps