Victoria H-

I’ve been to multiple Crossfit gyms between NC and GA and seen their facility, coaches and members and have never found the type of friendly, comfortable, nonjudgmental but still extremely competitive and encouraging environment like I do at Crossfit PTC.

You can expect to go in there and work with coaches, who day in and day out, you can tell this is not just a business for them, they truly do care about helping you. Other gyms I’ve experienced it can be intimidating to ask coaches questions such as to go over a movement again or to demonstrate something one more time but the reply from the coaches at PTC is always “That’s a great question everyone come in so I can make sure y’all see and understand this also.”

Finding the right Crossfit gym for you is key. As a recent division one athlete graduate of North Carolina State University, I wholeheartedly believe if you’re looking for a gym to get started at or to further your athletic ability in an environment that will honestly make you enjoy coming back, competing, working out and seeing healthy results then Crossfit PTC is the way to go.